eAutoBazaar - Bidding Plan (Yangon) -
Sunday, 25th February 2024, 04:58 AM
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All customers should send money for TQM INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD., beneficiary in Japan only.

Bidding Plan (Yangon)





  1. Register Auction

Register your contact detail in our auction website. Please click following link to register in our auction system.




2.Security Deposit

After register please send security deposit to activate your password.  See our bank detail as follows.

BANK NAME :                    THE BANK OF TOKYO-MITSUBISHI UFJ, LTD.                        

BRANCH NAME :              NIIGATA BRANCH                                           

SWIFT CODE :                     B O T K J P J T                                     

BANK CODE :                                0 0 0 5                                   

BRANCH NO. :                   4 2 6                                      

SAVING A/C NO. :            0 1 5 1 8 4 7                                         

A/C HOLDER NAME :       TQM INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD.                                 


See amount of security deposit and membership types as follows.






Minimum Deposit Amount

1,000,000 yen

500,000 yen

300,000 yen

Maximum Bid per day

50 Units

25 Units

15 Units

Maximum Purchase per day

10 Units

5 Units

3 Units

Maximum Purchase Amount

10,000,000  yen

5,000,000 yen

3,000,000 yen



General member can send security deposit at least 100,000 yen or 10% of total price and can bid auction in CIF price.  

We calculate auction bid price by ourselves and bid maximum to auction price. If successful we notify and issue invoice of your bid amount in CIF.


3. Send Bid Order

You can send your bid order with maximum bid price in Japanese yen. We bid in auction up to your bid price on your behalf. 

Please note, you have to allow to increase 10,000 yen on your bid price if auction is very close to be successful.


 We calculate CNF price from successful bid price.  See FOB price as per membership types.







Sedan, Station Wagon, Hatchback (or less than 10 cu. m.)

110,000 yen

120,000 yen

130,000 yen

SUV, One Box, Van / Mini Van ( 10-15 cu. m)

140,000 yen

150,000 yen

160,000 yen

Trucks up to 2 Ton capacity (or above 15 Cu. M.)

170,000 yen

180,000 yen

190,000 yen

  • If car cannot load in trailer or need special precaution there will be additional charge. Please contact for estimate.
  • If Auction is far away from the port there will be additional charge such as Tohoku (10,000 yen), Hokkaido (20,000 yen), Okinawa (40,000 yen) etc.
  • Price includes Auction Charge, Inland transportation, Shipping Charge, Container loading and handling (if required), Radiation check, Freight etc.
  • Price does not include insurance, Inspection Charge, Repairing and Servicing etc.  We charge additional as following.

Additional services



Minimum 10,000 yen or 1% of CNF Price

Inspection Prior to bid

2,000 yen per unit

Translation of Auction Sheet

1,000 yen per unit

Translation of Export Certificate

1,000 yen per unit

Certificate of Origin

10,000 yen per unit

LC clearance and documentation

50,000 yen  per L/C

Pre-shipment Inspection

EAA            20,000 yen per unit

JEVIC          25,000 yen per unit

JAAI            30,000 yen per unit

INTERTEK  35,000 yen per unit            

Negotiation Charge

5,000 yen per unit

One Price  Purchase charge

10,000 yen per unit

Photos taken and send

2,000 yen per unit



4. Send Payment

We inform auction result on same day of auction or next day.


We issue invoice if your bid is successful. You cannot cancel bid after successful bid. You have to send payment within 3 working days after issue invoice and should provide proof of payment. Payment should be confirmed within 5 working days after issue invoice.

If payment is delayed more than a week, we charge penalty minimum 10,000 yen or 5% of invoice amount. We cannot wait for your payment more than one month. If you delayed more than a month, we cancel your car and send to auction for sale from auction. We deduct all loses from your balance.


5. Shipment

As soon as your payment is confirmed, we ship your car and send your shipment document through EMS or currier services to your address.

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